Internships of newly admitted employees of the Magistrates of the Republic of Tatarstan «Introduction to the profession»

11 October 2018, Thursday

On October 10th, 2018, the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Tatarstan hosted the opening of the program for the internship of newly-admitted employees of the Magistrates of the Republic of Tatarstan «Introduction to the profession».

The program opened with a welcome address by Ragozina N.V., the Deputy Minister of justice of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The internship program involves improving the knowledge and professional skills of the administrative staff of magistrates of the Republic of Tatarstan on judicial records and archival matters, providing methodological assistance to the staff of magistrates' offices, as well as further interaction with the structural units of the ministry among areas of activity.

The head of the department for the provision of the activity of Magistrature, Vorobyov A.V., the head of the organizational and legal support of Magistrature, Nazarova A.V., the head of the department of legal computerization and computer systems, Safin A.G. took part in the opening of the internship program.

Lectures were also made by the chiefs and employees of departments responsible for organizational and legal, staffing, use of the single interdepartmental system of electronic document management and anti-corruption issues.

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