Results of the meeting of the Attestation Commission

29 May 2019, Wednesday

On May 28th, 2019, a meeting of the attestation commission of the Magistrates of the Republic of Tatarstan was held at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tatarstan. The session was on the compliance for the replaced civil service positions of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Certification of civil servants is designed to identify a professional capacity, the degree of willingness and levels of the ability to perform functional duties of a civil servant. In practical terms, primary objective of attestation is to determine whether a civil servant corresponds to his post.

Following the outcome of the vote, 10 attested were in conformity with the grade of incumbent civil service positions, 1 attested - in conformity with the grade of incumbent civil service positions and recommended to the inclusion in the personnel reserve to fill the vacant civil service position in order to career development by the decision of the commission.

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