25 good deeds action

27 June 2019, Thursday

On June 26th, the Ministry provided charitable assistance to the State Treasury Institution boarding school for mentally retarded children, within the framework of the implementation of the "25 good deeds" action, which helds in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tatarstan annually, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and the establishment of the People’s Commissariat of Justice of the TASSR.

The staff of the Ministry, together with the pupils of the institution, made the greening of the territory and carried out the purchase and planting of flower plantings, and created the avenue of the Ministry. Following the results of the landing, children's games and events were held in conjunction with guest animators.

We help children, we teach them to work together in useful activities and work, we communicate with them, give them warmth and attention. We are trying to make their future as good as possible, and therefore better for all of us!

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