The Republic of Tatarstan has been provided with a special car for free legal assistance

27 December 2021, Monday

The Ministry of Justice of Russia handed over Gazelle NEXT cars to provide free legal assistance to 30 regions. The Republic of Tatarstan was among the recipients.

Gazelle NEXT mobile points are offices designed for autonomous operation. Inside there is a working area for staff, as well as a reception area for citizens. The cars are equipped with air conditioning and an autonomous heater. A system of folding steps is additionally provided to facilitate access to the salon for people with limited mobility and the elderly. The machines are equipped with bactericidal irradiators for air disinfection. The cabin has furniture for storing documents and things of operators.

The ceremony of transfer of transport took place in the Nizhny Novgorod region. During the event, the procedure for signing documents and transferring cars to the subjects of the Russian Federation took place.

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