Opening of the internship of civil public municipal servants of the Republic

19 March 2020, Thursday

On March 19th, 2020, in the Ministry of Justice opening of the two days internship of civil public municipal servants on program “Anticorruptional expertise of laws and regulations” was held.

Opening of the event was held with the participation of the First Deputy Minister of Justice Ainur Galimov, Deputy Director of the Higher school of public and municipal administration KFU Natalya Aksenova, Head of the educational programs HSPA Svetlana Grankina ana Heads of structural divisions of the Ministry.

Program of the internship consists of studying of organization and implementation of rule making and anticorruption expertise of laws and regulations.

Within this event Heads and Senior officials of the Ministry of Digital development of public administration, informational technologies and connection of the Republic of Tatarstan, Executive Committees of Mendeleevsky and Chistopolsky municipal districts, who holds the post mire than one year, will get an internship.



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