28 September 2020, Monday

September 28, 1920 is a significant date in the history of our Republic, since on this day the Protocol on approval of the council of people's commissars of the Tatar Republic was adopted. This day is also considered the official day of formation of the government of the Republic.

Alexey Nikolaevich Nekhotyaev was elected the first People's commissar of justice. The people's Commissariat of justice was an autonomous and independent body, and the people's commissar who headed the Commissariat made decisions on all issues assigned to the department.

At that time, the people's Commissariat of justice solved the tasks of completing judicial construction in the Republic, day-to-day management of judicial and investigative bodies, supervision of legality in the activities of judicial and investigative and all Soviet bodies of the ATSSR, notary services, as well as law-making activities.

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